Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Spencer Davis Group "Keep On Running"


THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-Keep On Running/High Time Baby U.S. Atco 45-6400 1966

Unlike most British 60's bands America was slow to pick up on the Spencer Davis Group. Their first American single ("I Can't Stand It") slid out on Fontana in late 1964 and wouldn't be until January of '66 before their second U.S. 45, today's subject hit the streets. "Keep On Running" had been their fifth U.K. single issued in November 1965 where it sky rocketed tom the coveted #1 spot. It failed to do so here with zero chart action.

"Keep On Running" was penned by Jamaican singer Wilfred "Jackie" Edwards (he also penned the band's next U.K. smash "Somebody Help Me") who had been brought to the U.K. by Island records head Chris Blackwell. With it's distinct throbbing bass and fuzz guitar intro "Keep on Running" is easily recognizable. Propelled by Steve Winwood's soulful vocals (then all of just 17 years old!) and a pulsating groove accented by hand claps, bluesy guitar and a driving beat it remains one of the band's most popular and strongest tunes. It is of course also famous for taking away the #1 slot in Britain from The Beatles ("We Can Work It Out"). 

The B-side, "High Time Baby" is a group original penned by Winwood, his older brother Muff and Spencer Davis. Utilizing a similar fuzz tone guitar sound it's almost as powerful as the A-side, almost. Again it's a showcase for the strong pipes that teenage "Little Stevie" Winwood possessed and and features a rollicking little piano solo.

Both sides are available on the indispensable "Eight Gigs A Week: The Steve Winwood Years" CD collection of material the band recorded '64-'66.    

Hear "Keep On Running":

Hear "High Time Baby":

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