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Humble Pie's Debut


HUMBLE PIE-Natural Born Bugie/Wrist Job U.K. Immediate IM 082 1969

With the dissolution of Immediate records cash cow the Small Faces in the Spring of 1969 Steve Marriott launched his new band Humble Pie in August of 1969 with this release.  He was joined by ex-Herd front man Peter Frampton (who Marriott had wanted to join the Small Faces, to the objection of his then band mates) , former Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and drummer Jerry Shirley, formerly of Immediate records artists Apostolic Intervention.

"Natural Born Bugie" (retitled "Natural Born Woman" in the U.S.) is not at all what one would expect from either Marriott or Frampton based on their previous bands. It has a groove not unlike a laid back "Get Back". What's most interesting is that three of the members each get to sing a verse, starting with Ridley, then Frampton followed by Marriott. 

"Mod? Never 'eard of it..."

The flip, "Wrist Job" is actually a Small Faces backing track (titled at the time of it's recording "The Pig Trotters") that was cut with the intention of being included on their never finished LP "1862". It's heavy and soulful thanks to Marriott's brilliant voice (perfectly restrained and not too over the top) but what really carries the track for me is Ian McLagan's swirling churchy Hammond organ trills and electric piano that really push this number. Backing vocals by P.P. Arnold add to it's brilliance.

U.S. Pressing

Humble Pie's Immediate catalog has been horribly over-reissued so these cuts are easily found on any one of the literally hundreds of compilations floating around out there. It would also be the band's sole Immediate 45 release.

Hear "Natural Born Bugie":

Hear "Wrist Job":

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