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The Hipster Image

THE HIPSTER IMAGE-Can't Let Her Go/Make Her Mine U.K. Decca F12137 1965

Alongside names like The Gass, The Quik, The Loose Ends, The Meddy Evils, The Richard Kent Style et al, The Hipster Image are legendary among mod/U.K. 60's record collectors for not only the extreme financial value of their discs, but the great music contained within.

The Hipster Image was a moddy looking 5 piece who had previously made an appearance on a rare as hen's teeth Lyntone flexi disc E.P. pressed for Kelle University's Rag Week charity drive (featuring introductions by annoying hack D.J. Jimmy Saville) with two tracks, "All For You" and a decent version of Donnie Elbert's classic "A Little Piece Of Leather" (which shows up on "New Directions 3: Floor Filler Killers" CD) .  Discovered by the Animals manager Mike Jeffries he promptly secured them a contract with Decca records.  It was produced by the Animals keyboardist Alan Price and released in April 1965 (precisely one month before Price's departure from the band was announced in the music weeklies).

"Can't Let Her Go" is a somber mod/jazz type record.  The vocals are mellow and there's so cool sax on the intro and the guitars/piano perfectly accent the lead singers double tracked phrasing .  The vocalist on the bridge has one of the lowest baritone and reminds me of Mick Talbot! Lots of mod folks prefer the faster paced flip side, "Make Her Mine" because it's far more uptempo and therefore much more dance floor friendly.  Accented by a driving sax lick and some cool percussion (cowbell?) and a jazzy laid back style of vocal delivery.  Either way it's hard for me to pick a favorite as they're both great tunes.  Sadly The Hipster Image did not make another record in the 60's.

The Alan Bown Set attempted a go at "Can't Let Her Go" in September 1965 as Pye 7N15934 and like The Hipster Image's version failed to register a hit.

"Can't Let Her Go" appeared on Decca/Deram's CD compilation "The R&B Scene" while "Make Her Mine" was comped on their CD "The Mod Scene".

Hear "Can't Let Her Go":

Hear "Make Her Mine":

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