Friday, January 11, 2013

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Sight And Sound

SIGHT AND SOUND-Alley, Alley/Little Jackie Monday U.S. Fontana F-1648 1969

Best known to folks as the previous band of Rick Price before he joined The Move as their bassist in February 1969, Sight And Sound where a Birmingham four piece who specialized in four part harmonies and (unfortunately) the whole chicken in a basket comedy/panto type thing. You can read more about them on Rick Price's website here.

The band had previously cut a band original called "Ebenezer" b/w a version of "Our Love Is In The Pocket"  (also part of the Move's early set as a five piece) on Fontana in the U.K. (TF 927 in April '68) before releasing this single on home turf in November '68 (TF 982).  Both sides are credited to Price and one "Tyler".  According to his blog Price says both sides were written with Mike Sherdian (famous for his time spent with The Nightriders, whom you can read more about here and here) Mike's real last name Michael Tyler. It gained a U.S. release nearly half a year later in May of 1969 (by which time Price was playing bass in The Move!!).

"Alley Alley" is a stomping good track.  It has an almost proto "Bubblegum glam" feel (in fact it might not be out of place on one of those "Junk Shop Glam" CD comps if it were a tad more rocked out) to it but the driving beat and precision harmonies remind me of The Tremeloes on one of their insane B-sides (ie "Let Your Hair Hang Down") or The Fortunes on say, "The Idol".  "Little jackie Monday" is equally Bubblegummy but not nearly as rocking, still good stuff though.

 Price hooked up with Mike Sheridan again to record a brilliant single as "Sheridan And Rick Price"  that coupled "Sometimes I Wonder" b/w a number The Move also did called "Lightning Never Strikes Twice" (more on that one in the future I promise) and an equally interesting LP "This Is To Certify" on President records in 1970.

"Alley Alley" can be found on the "Piccadilly Sunshine Part Five" CD comp (also available for download via iTunes) and "Little Jackie Monday" was comped on "Fairytales Can Come True Volume Three: Let's Ride".

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