Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Peddlers-Tell The World We're Not In

THE PEDDLERS-Tell The World We're Not In/Rainy Day In London U.K. Phillips 6006 034 1970

Shortly before the holidays I watched this creepy but great "Swingin' London" style film called "Goodbye Gemini", though it was from 1970 it still had a 60's feel to it and I highly recommend it.  It starred Judy Geeson and the cat with the funky sideboards from "The Prisoner" (the late Alexis Kanner who still had the funky looking chops in this film) and sits well alongside other controversial period pieces like 'The Killing of Sister George".  The track of the opening credits was immediately unmistakably The Peddlers called "Tell The World We're Not In".

The Peddlers were a jazzy U.K. trio comprised of Ray Phillips (lead vocals/keyboards), Tab Martin (bass) and Trevor Morais (drums, ex of Liverpool's Faron's Flamingo's) who had an extensive recording history starting in 1964 and running well into the 70's.

The Peddlers interestingly appear to have had their first four (U.K.) singles on Phillips, then cut six for CBS before reverting back to Phillips for today's subject released in July 1970.  "Tell The World We're Not In" is by far in my book the grooviest thing they ever did.  A lot of their 45's (especially the ones I own on CBS) have a loungey feel, and not really in a good way, like they'd have been suited for the house band at some kitschy London night spot like the Talk of The Town (though truthfully they'd had a residency at Scotch of st. James).  "Tell The World.." is driven by some funky Hammond action and Phillip's distinct vocal style .  My copy contains a horn section solo that I've not heard on any other versions that have popped up with adds a nice feel to it.

On the flip we have a somber but groovy Hammond instrumental penned by Ray Phillips called "Rainy Day In London" that reminds me of some of the more atmospheric organ tracks Roy Budd did for the "Get Carter" soundtrack.

Sadly I've not been able to find either track anywhere on reissue as all Peddler's retrospectives seem to dwell exclusively on their CBS material!! There is however this great clip below of them on TV performing it in glorious color!

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