Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We've Got The Action...pre-ordered that is....

Okay kids , if you've been remotely following this blog you'll know that The Action are running neck and neck for the #1 position in my heart for the "Favorite Band Of All Time" title with The Small Faces.  We might have a winner and they're a five piece from Kentish Town. Well just when you thought there were no more unreleased cuts laying around by our boys yesterday morning I received word from my good pal Johnny Bluesman that there were 4 Action cuts exhumed from the vaults being issued on a limited edition 10" E.P. (as well as a CD E.P.) coming at us next month.

If you were lucky enough to score the deluxe edition of their phenomenal book "In The Lap Of The Mods" it came with a mock up acetate of their incredible Decca demo recording of The Temptations "(Girl) Why You Wanna Make Me Blue". For those of you who missed that it is contained here on the E.P. along with an alternate recording of "In My Lonely Room" (the flipside of their 1964 debut 45) from the same recording session.  Also included is a previously unheard cover of The Impressions "You'll Want Me Back" (the flip of "It's Alright") and a previously unreleased Reggie King original called "Fine Looking Girl" recorded when the band were still known as The Boys.

To get all the details and pre-order you copy head on over yonder.

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