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Great Obscure U.K. 60's Sides: Adam Faith Does Bob Lind

ADAM FAITH-Cheryl's Going Home/Funny Kind Of Love UK Parlophone R 5516 1966

One of the many musical niches I enjoy is that of early 60's solo performers (both British and American) who swept away by Beatlemania and band's that wrote their own material, made some interesting records in an attempt to stay contemporary and sadly, failed commercially in doing so.

Early 60's UK superstar Adam Faith slots perfectly into that genre with a few releases.  In October 1966 he released a version of the flip side of Bob Lind's smash "Elusive Butterfly", a track called "Cheryl's Going Home" (which strangely was the original intended US A-side). Released in Britain in February 1966 on Fontana TF 670, Lind's "Elusive Butterfly" reached #5 in the UK charts (oddly the same exact placing as in America). Sadly Adam's rendering of failed to return him to the hit parade (a place he had been absent from since The Beatles took the charts by storm).

His version of "Cheryl's ....." is in my estimation, better than the original. It's a bit more uptempo and the orchestration by easy champion Ken Woodman is far more lush than the original, but it doesn't change much from the original arrangement.  There's an interesting part where Faith changes the lyrics to Anglicize the tune by changing the distinctly Californian "Santa Rosa special's down the line" by singing "Cheryl rode the special down the line".

The flip side "Funny Kind Of Love" is a disposable track, inoffensive but nothing I would put on a compilation.

"Cheryl's Going Home" was recently issued on the three CD Grapefruit set "Gathered From Coincidence: The British Folk Pop Sound Of 1965-66" and is also available on a UK EMI Adam Faith CD compilation "Hits!".

Adam tried again a year later with a brilliant unreleased Bee Gee's track called "Cowman Milk Your Cow" which you can read a bit on over here.

Hear "Cheryl's Going Home":

Hear "Funny Kind Of Love":

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