Friday, July 17, 2020

More U.K. Tracks On U.S. Labels: Freddie & The Dreamers Fifteen Minutes In America

FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS-A Little You/Things I'd Like To Say US Mercury 72462 1965

We already pilloried former milkman Freddie and his backing band The Dreamers in an earlier post so let's suffice to say that almost a year or two after his fifteen minutes were up in the UK new life was breathed into the corpse of this long dead group when the British Invasion was still going great guns here in the USA in '65. So much so that their recording career continued onward with this July 1965 release (that like it's predecessor "Do The Freddie" was not even issued in the UK).  "A Little You" was penned by Gordon Mills, a music mogul best known for introducing Tom Jones to the world (Jone's version of the cut appeared the following year on his "Atomic Jones" LP). It stands as one of the band's best tracks in my estimation as Freddie sings in a strong assured way not relying on that dippy few warble or idiotic giggling (and fattened up by double tracking). The musical backing is solid throughout with some strings sweetening it up.

Freddie rings the dairy to ask for his old job back.

The flip side "Things I'd Like To Say" musically is not bad but it's a god awful beat track that's not helped by Freddie's sappy voice. Next....

Both sides were compiled on an EMI USA CD collection way back called "The Definitive Collection" that's still available used on the cheap.

Hear "A Little You":

Hear "Things I'd Like To Say":

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