Monday, October 18, 2021

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Paul & Barry Ryan


PAUL AND BARRY RYAN-Have Pity On The Boy/There You Go U.S. MGM K13472 1966

British twins Paul and Barry Ryan were all but nobodies in the U.S. but that didn't stop MGM from issuing eight of their ten U.K. singles here (sadly to no avail).

"Have Pity On The Boy" b/w "There You Go" was their second U.K. single (Decca F 12319 January 1966). It was issued here a month later. I have always preferred the B-side so I decided to picture it here. Both sides were penned by Les Reed and Barry Mason, who composed the bulk of their material. 

"Have Pity On The Boy" is fairly indicative of most of their stuff: light weight, nondescript, over produced and heavy on the fluff. It's not unlistenable to nothing I want to play repeatedly.

1967 portrait by Gered Mankowitz

For my money (and why I own this 45) the strongest track of the two is "There You Go". It was my introduction to the band back in the mid 80's on one of See For Mile's "Sixties Lost And Found" compilation LP's. It's powered by some heavy brass and layers of session men, though instead of sounding schmaltzy to me it sounds really rocking. There's something about it that makes me think it would be from a Swingin' London Pathe newsreel, with the horns and frantic energy showing dollybirds and hip cats strolling around.

Both sides are available on a Paul & Barry CD collection "Have Pity On The Boys". "There you Go" was also on Decca/Deram's amazing CD compilation "The Mod Scene". 

Hear "Have Pity On The Boy":

Hear "There You Go":

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