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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Life N' Soul


LIFE N' SOUL-Here Comes Yesterday Again/Dear Paul US Mainstream 705 1968

My introduction to the British band Life N' Soul came in 1987 when I purchased the Bam Caruso compilation LP "The Clouds Have Groovy Faces" (Rubble Volume 6) and it included a track of theirs called "Peacefully Asleep", which I all but ignored for decades, literally. It wasn't until my music tastes grew more wide ranging and I came to appreciate poppy late 60's British sounds that I became interested in the track. To my ears it reminded me a lot of the brand of late 60's pop-psych (heavier on the pop, lighter on the psych) that was being cut on the Decca/Deram labels (quite often with help from Tony Waddington, Wayne Bickerton or Mike Vickers). I eventually discovered that the band's second British single (their first was an ill advised cover of "Ode To Billy Joe" with "Peacefully Asleep" on the flip, Decca F 12659 September 1967) "Here Comes Yesterday Again" (U/K/ Decca F 12851 November 1968) was issued here in the U.S. on an obscure label called Mainstream in April 1969 (also home the the U.S. Amboy Dukes and Big Brother and the Holding Company). Curiously it was issued by Mainstream twice , once with a Double A side and again with a different flip (both bearing the same catalog number).

"Here Comes Yesterday" is an archetype late 60's British pop psych opus with horns and strings akin to the likes of Toby Twirl or The World Of Oz. The vocals have a hint of soulfulness to them backed by sweeping strings and heavily produced horns that mesh perfectly with the orchestra. 

"Dear Paul" has a similar formula but the impassioned style on the vocals remind me a lot of the Bee Gees (especially "I've Got To Get A Message To You" especially the phrasing on the verses). Nothing to shout about, but not unlistenable either.

Unfortunately subsequent pop psych comps over the years have chosen to ignore both sides of this record, which in the case of side a is an injustice. 

Hear "Here Comes Yesterday Again":

Hear "Dear Paul":

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