Friday, July 11, 2014

The Moody Blues-"Fly Me High"

Way back when we first began we wrote about the debut 45 by the revamped Moody Blues "Mk. II" (as we called them) and their first single "Fly Me High". Through the beauty of YouTube I've discovered 3 separate live versions of it from French TV which I've posted here in chronological order (starting with a brilliant one a few months before the single was even released from late 1966):







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meat tree said...

fond memories of this song-there was a lunchtime programme that had a quiz where you had to work out the song titles to 10 ahort snatches squeezed into a minute and a snatch of fly me high and a couple of other songs introduced the comp every time it started up.the song was never named but it got daily airplay-it might have been simon dee's lunchtime radio show.