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Great Obscure U.K. 60's Sides: Winston G.

WINSTON G.-Riding With The Milkman/Bye Bye Baby U.K. Decca F 12623 1967

Winston G. (also known as Winston Gawke and Winston Gork) cut 5 singles in 1965-1967. Two were on Parlophone (including his lackluster debut "Please Don't Say" b/w "Like A Baby" with backing by the Graham Bond Organization) and the remaining three on Decca.  Today's subject was his last (and in my opinion his best) before we went on to join a band called The Fox (the one on CBS of  "Mr. Carpenter"/"Seek And You Find" not the ones on Fontana).

Winston G. himself

"Riding With The Milkman" is sort of a psych pop track in a genre some would like to call "toy town psych". It starts out a bit twee and airy fairy but the wiggy phlanged bit and harpsichord help turn it into a rocking number reminiscent of something on the Small Faces first Immediate LP in bits.

And speaking of Small Faces influences.....the flip side "By Bye Baby" begins with a distorted power chord (and some thrashy guitar ala the S.F.'s first Decca album) and turns into a full on Steve Marriott styled r&b belter chugging along with some great hooks and a gritty little guitar solo that would give "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" a run for it's money.

Interestingly BOTH sides have finally seen the light of day and are available for download from iTunes. CD wise "Riding With The Milkman" is on Psychic Circle's mix "Fairy Tales Can Come True Volume 3: Let's Ride" and "Bye Bye Baby" is on their CD compilation "With The Sun In My Eyes".

Hear "Riding With The Milkman":

Hear "Bye Bye Baby":

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