Thursday, November 19, 2015

Great Obscure U.K. 60's Sides: The Bunch

THE BUNCH-Don't Come Back To Me/You Can't Do This U.K. CBS 2740 1967

The Bunch began their career as a soulful, moddy U.K. seven piece with a powerful horn section before morphing into psych pop thanks to a slew of John Pantry compositions on their last two 45's of four singles for the CBS label.

Today's subject concerns their mod/soul/r&b period.  We previously wrote about their debut 45 way back in 2008, this was their second released in May 1967.  "Don't Come Back To Me" starts out with a soulful intro before breaking into great ska rhythm on organ and horns.  The ska/soul balance is maintained throughout the number and works thanks to the strong horn section and the catchy call and response chorus.


On the B-side "You Can't Do This" is even stronger in my estimation. Again it's propelled by their massive horn section but this time it's beneath a poppy but soulful groove which works.  It reminds me a lot of bands that were cutting similar sounds at the time on Deram like The Quik and The Eyes of Blue in that there's a heavy blue eyed soul vibe going but the vocalists aren't desperately trying to convince the listeners that they're a black American r&b singer.

"Don't Come Back" sadly has yet to be comped but "You Can't Do This" was resurrected for Past and Presents "New Ruble" series and appears on "New Rubble Volume 4: Utopia Daydream" and is also available for download on iTunes.

Hear "Don't Come Back To Me":

Hear "You Can't Do This":

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