Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Jon Savage has published an excellent book "1966" an ode to what will always be my favorite year for music (also the year of my birth).  Ace issued an accompanying 48 track double CD put together by Savage with help from Ady Croasdell that's actually an incredible collection of tunes both well known and obscure from the year that spawned it's title. For me 1966 has always been a defining moment in music, especially for rock n roll (and for soul and jazz to a lesser degree).  I would put about 90% of that change down to drugs. I'm not a sociologist or some intellectual nor am I a perpetual student writing their umpteenth dissertation so I won't bother to explain that but I decided that it would be fun to come up with 48 of my own personal pics from 1966 not contained on the Ace set all, like their compilation, 7" 45 tracks in no particular order.

1. DEAN PARRISH-"Tell Her" US Boom 60,012
2. DAVID BOWIE-"I Dig Everything" UK Pye 7N 17157
3. OTIS REDDING-"Try A Little Tenderness" US Volt 45-141
4. THE FOUR TOPS-"Standing In The Shadows Of Love" US Motown M-1102
5. THE TAGES-"Miss Mac Baren" Sweden Plantina PA 130
6. KENNY & THE KASUALS-"Journey To Tyme" US Mark Ltd.  MR 1006
7. GOOGIE RENE COMBO-"Smokey Joe's La La" US Class C-1517
8. TUESDAY'S CHILDREN-"Summer Leaves Me With A Sigh" UK  Columbia DB 8018
9. THE ROLLING STONES-"Paint It, Black" UK Decca F 12395
10. GABOR SZABO-"Walk On By" US  Impulse 45-244
11. THE RAVIN' BLUE-"Love" US Monument 45-968
12. THE RICHARD KENT STYLE-"Go Go Children" UK Columbia DB 7964
13. THE SHOTGUN EXPRESS-"I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round" UK Columbia DB 8025
14. JAMO THOMAS-"I Must Holler" US Chess 1971
15. BEVERLEY-"Happy New Year" UK Deram DM 101
16. THE OUTSIDERS-"Time Won't Let Me" US Capitol 5573
17. EDDIE FLOYD-"Things Get Better (When I'm With You") US Stax S-187
18. ZOOT MONEY & THE BIG ROLL BAND-"Let's Run For Cover" UK Columbia DB 7876
19. MARC BOLAN-"The Third Degree" UK Decca F 12413
20. THE CREATION-"Making Time" UK Planet PLF 116
21. THE ARROWS featuring DAVIE ALLAN-"Blues Theme" US Tower 295
22. J.J. JACKSON-"Boogaloo Baby" US. Cala 119
23. THE REG GUEST SYNDICATE-"Underworld" UK Mercury MF 927
24. JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-"Hey Joe" UK Polydor 56139
25. J.J. BARNES-"Day Tripper" US Ric Tic  RT-115
26. THE MONKEES-"Last Train To Clarksville" US Colgems 66-1001
27. SIR LATTIMORE BROWN-"Shake And Vibrate" US Sound Stage 7 SS45-2575
28. BENNY HILL-"Garden Of Love" UK Pye 7N 1026
29. THE RIOT SQUAD-"I Take It That We're Through" UK Pye 7N 17092
30. THE FLIES-"I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" UK Decca F 12533
31. THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS-"I Saw Her Again Last Night" US Dunhill  D-4031
32. CHARLIE RICH-"Love Is After Me" US Hi  45-2116
33. KIM FOWLEY-"The Trip" UK Island WI-278
34. GILBERT SHELTON ENSEMBLE-"If I Was A Hell's Angel" ESP  Disk 4501
35. THE GUESS WHO-"It's My Pride" Canada  Quality 1863X
36. THE HERBAL MIXTURE-"Machines" UK Columbia DB 8083
37. THE MIRACLES-"(Come Round Here) I'm The One You Need" US Tamla T-54140
38. DARRELL BANKS-"Our Love (Is In The Pocket) " US Revilot RV-201
39. THE RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO-"A Hard Day's Night" US Cadet 5525
40. THE FOUR SEASONS-"Beggars Parade" US Phillips 40370
41. DONOVAN-"Mellow Yellow" US Epic 5-10098
42. JOHN'S CHILDREN-"The Love I Thought I'd Found" U.K. Columbia DB 8030
43. PETULA CLARK-"Colour My World" UK Pye 7N 1218
44. THE ID featuring JEFF ST. JOHN-"Big Time Operator" Australia Spin EK-1606
45. SCOTT WALKER-"Mrs. Murphy" UK Phillips BE 12597
46. MABLE JOHN-"Your Good Thing (Is About To End)" US Stax 45-192
47. THE BYRDS-Eight Miles High" US Columbia 4-43578
48. THE ISLEY BROTHERS-"Take Some Time Out For Love" US Tamla 54133

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Steve Coleman said...

Agreed. The switch from amphetamines to LSD was pivotal in 1966. The Small Faces are a classic case study. If "acid" reduces the ego then many a dandy might be led to conclude "To hell with this clothes and ace face lark!". Regard The Faces pub promo for "Talk To You" where Ronnie Lane is sporting a long sleeved grand dad shirt. Hardly cutting edge fashion for the discotheque set down at Tiles. It is the switch from speed driven RnB to acid tinged reflection that makes The Faces debut on Immediate so fascinating. A curate's egg of a record that perfectly illustrates the shift from speed to acid and the huge effect it had on songwriting. Personally, I think it is better than Ogden's (great as that album is) as the pendulum had by then swing further into the smokey haze of long studio sessions and let's rent a cottage territory. That tension from old ways to new is magical and generated some great and original music. Yes, '66 was the year even if I did lose my Batman fan club badge down the grate in the middle of the school playground. Bummer.