Sunday, November 29, 2015

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Timebox

TIMEBOX-Beggin'/Woman That's Waiting U.S. Deram 45-85031 1968

Most of you out there are no doubt familar with this record, quite a dance floor filler for the past 25+ years.  It's not often that a British record trumps the American original but I feel this version easily betters it's predecessor, though I quite enjoy the original Four Seasons version too. I DO NOT, and I cannot stress this enough, like the "remixed" version that cropped up a few years ago in this un-original age of sampling, remixing, overdubbing and whatever other colorful terms they use for "thievery because of lack of talent". It takes talent to record a record, any moron can remix it and throw beats and do whatever it takes to give it the "now" sound. Okay, rant over.

Timebox were a British five piece who recorded two singles for Piccadilly before moving onto Deram in for five more. They were at the time of this singles release: Mike Patto (ex-Bo Street Runners)-lead vocals, Ollie Halsall-vibes/guitar/vocals, Clive Griffiths-bass, Chris Holmes-keyboards and future Rutle John Halsey-drums (in fact today's item in question was the first single he drummed on). Like many British bands in the mid 60's live they were a soul/r&b band who knew how to occasionally get "freaky" on record, as this record proved.

The pre-psych "mod/soul" era Timebox

May 1968's "Beggin'" was as close as Britain's Timebox ever got to being a success on their home turf (it climbed to #38).  It was however quite big in Europe and gathered releases in a multitude of countries, including two different issues in the United States.  Deram's U.S. branch must have expected big things from it as I swear this is the only non-hit Deram U.S. release I've ever seen more copies of. Regardless of it's hot potential it's a brilliant slice of British blue eyed soul (something Deram was quite famous for if you've been reading our blog).  From it's vibes, to Patto's soulful vocals the whole thing just grooves so well, imminently danceable stuff!  The flip side is altogether different though, but it's still great. It also happens to be from my other favorite genre Deram is known for: British psychedelia. "A Woman That's Waiting" bears more than passing resemblances to "I Am The Walrus" from it's sawing string section and plodding beat and even it's regal trumpets, but before it can become and act of overt plagiarism Halsall's vibes kick in a jazzy little break that takes it back to swirling strings and Patto's blue eyed soul vocals.  Easily one of my favorite Deram releases of all time. Both sides were produced by former "Ready! Steady! Go!" host Michael Aldred.

Post mod/suits era Timebox

Both sides were included on the essential CD "The Deram Anthology" which is fortunately still in print.

TRIVIA NOTE: Interestingly "A Woman That's Waiting" was first issued as a B- side to the French only version of The Rascal's "Come On Up" (Deram DR 41826) in April 1968.

MANY thanks to this Mike Patto website:

where these Timebox photos were culled from. Below are two groovy live clips of Timebox performing live on French TV!

Hear "A Woman That's Waiting":


Smashingbird said...

Love it, they do look rather sensible in those pics don't they!? Don't even talk to me about the newest version.

Wilthomer said...

Amen sister!!

C said...

Such a fab song, love the French TV clip too. And dontcha think that the blonde, bespectacled one (Chris Holmes?) looks rather too much like 'Stumpy Joe Pepys' from Spinal Tap...! (Put him into Google image search!)

diskojoe said...

The RPM label put out a Timebox comp a year or so ago which has their pre-Deram singles, including their version of Dizzy Gillespie's "Soul Sauce" , which I first heard on a MOJO Magazine CD comp.

Gary Field said...

I first heard "Beggin'" almost 40 years ago on the Deram compilation 'Hard Up Heroes'.
Loved the band ever since...and they had a Rutle to boot.