Monday, February 11, 2013

The Neat Change 1968

Here's some confusion, two pics of the same band, The Neat Change, known for their lone '68 Decca (U.K.) 45 "I Lied To Auntie May".  Find the full deal about them and their lead singer Jimmy Edwards here. Cheers to Sean Cavanaugh by inciting me by reposting the skinhead/hard mod pic below on FaceBook......




Ian McLean 07988599307 said...

I think the top picture is the "after" picture.

I am Ian McLean the drummer with Neat Change.

We were a skinhead band before we went a bit pop so the haircuts indicate which pic was taken first.

From left to right in top pic. Ian McLean, Peter Banks, Jimmy Edwards, John Lumley-Savill and Steve Smith.

"I lied to auntie may" was a firm favorite of Kenny Everett. He played it a lot on the radio long after it was released claiming it to among his best loved singles of all time.

Peace and love to all.

Ian McLean

William said...

Cheers Ian, I shall fix things!!

Tony King said...

Was Peter Frampton a member of the Neat Change and a writer of Auntie May?

William said...

Tony, no Peter Frampton was in The Herd while Neat Change were around BUT the song writing credits do seem to point to Pete and his Herd bandmate Andrew Bown!