Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scaffold: Into The 70's

THE SCAFFOLD-All The Way Up/Please Sorry U.K. Parlophone R 5847 1970

The comedy/satire trio of Scaffold persevered long after the 1960's. Comprised of Paul McCartney's younger brother Mike (using the nomme de guerre of "Mike McGear"), poet Roger McGough and John Gorman they were fixtures in the U.K. throughout the mid to late 60's where they actually racked up quite a few hits.  American 60's music fans will know them best as the white suited trio singing in a Watney's commercial on one of the old "Ready! Steady! Go!" VHS volumes (to the tune of their hit "Lilly The Pink").  I recently stumbled on this one for $2.00 in a record store in Minneapolis and took a chance on it. It was their 9th single for Parlophone (and their first of the decade).  The label credits the A-side from being the theme to a film called "All The Way Up" which a little Googling tells us was a 1970 comedy.

"All The Way Up" is a typical boozy Scaffold sing along type number number. It's jaunty and cheeky with some rocking backing actually (and this nifty organ that swoops in).  It's chorus easily screams "theme song" though it sounds more suited as a TV sit com theme than a film tune.

Messers Gorman, McGear and McGough aka The Scaffold

"Please Sorry" (composed by Mike McGear) follows the usual Scaffold nursery rhyme rhyming lyrics but with some pop psych type strings. Not at all unlistenable to not catchy enough to want to play more than once!

Both sides are available on a Scaffold compilation called ":Scaffold At Abbey Road 1966-1971"

Hear "All The Way Up":

Hear "Please Sorry":

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