Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Picks

1. LITTLE GRANTS & EDDIE-"Rocksteady '67"
Eddie Grant of The Equals and his brother released two 45's as "Little Grants & Eddie" that are best described as the Musical Youth of 1967.  This was their best (and final 45) where Eddie toasts name dropping all the ska stars of '67 and adding "1967 was the year of the ska" with a funky groove.

Here you have ladies and gents the lost love child of Link Wray, The Ventures and ska.  With some heavy Drumbago Allstars style percussion vying for attention with some raunchy ass guitar this number is over before your can get your head around all that's going on it guaranteeing repeated listening. This track can be found on the "Dr. No" soundtrack (but it's not actually in the movie).

3. PETULA CLARK-"Colour My World"
When I was a little boy I spent a lot of time at my aunt's house where I was allowed the run of her massive wooden encased hi-fi. She had very few rock n roll records but she had a 45 of this and I played it to death. Four plus decades later it still sounds great not only because of nostalgia but because of the over the top Tony Hatch production. She looks almost wooden and uncomfortable in the video below but at the same time dead sexy in her coolness and confidence.

4. THE MODS-"Days Mind The Time"
The Zombies influence on this Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas combo is immediately apparent and with a beautiful melding of jangly Byrds guitars (especially the "Bells Of Rhymney" inspired guitar solo)  this amazing 1966 single is a perfection combination.

5. HUMBLE PIE-"Home And Away"
In the great post Small Faces follow up competition I've always been a Faces man and always will, but still every now and then I come across a Humble pie tune that I dig. Like this one. Light weight, mid tempo and easily likeable.  Any idea who that is on electric piano?

6.  DORIS TROY-"Please Little Angel"
I think what I dig most about this slow burner is the wiggy Joe Meek style keyboards and the catchy lick where they play along with some muted horns.  And then there's Doris Troy's silky smoove vocals that top it off like the proverbial cherry on top.

7.  THE MURMAIDS-"Paper Sun"
Here's a wiggy one for you, L.A's Murmaids final single, a 1968 cover of Traffic's "Paper Sun" produced by Kim Fowley. Substituting the raga/trippy sitar mysticism of the original with some fuzz guitar and subtle organ beneath their cheery West Coast harmonies it really works!

I stumbled upon this gritty 60's Aussie r&b number on YouTube and was suitably impressed by it's British r&b meets Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels feel. My fave part is the break with the thundering drums, Hammond and hand claps.

9. DIE KNODEL-"Mit Der 42er"
I heard this piece recently as incidental music on NPR recently and was pleasantly surprised it was modern (ie 21st century). It's minimal, jazzy and perfect background music.  I must investigate further!

10. GEORGIA LYNN-"Sugar Shack Queen"
This neat 1963 r&b "answer" to Jimmy Gilmer's hit "Sugar Shack" is on the new RPM 3 CD set "Looking States" and pricks up your ears immediately and the lyrics of course are interesting as well.  "He wears a white Levi's and Hush Puppie shoes..". I ran out and tracked down a copy of the 45 immediately.

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