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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates


-"I'll Never Get Over You" / "Then I Got Everything" U.S. Capitol 5065 1963

Johnny Kidd and The Pirates are best known for their seminal rock n' roll classic "Shakin' All Over" (which was their debut U.S. 45 on the strangely named Apt label as 45-25040 in August 1960). American audiences would have to wait another three years for another Johnny Kidd single to surface here in the form of today's item "I'll Never Get Over you" issued in October 1963 (released previously in the U.K. on His Master's Voice POP 1173 in June of 1963). 

"I'll Never Get Over You" was Kidd's ninth British single, his second during the "beat music" era and his second to feature the talents of one of his most famous side men, guitar god Mick Green. Written by Gordon Mills (also responsible writing a few other Kidd covers notably "Hungry For Love" and "Jealous Girl" as well as discovering Tom Jones and supplying him with a slew of hits), it's probably one of his most powerful numbers and reached #4 on the U.K. charts. Kicking off with some crashing chords and a happy go lucky melody "I'll Never Get Over You" musically has the power of a Big Three single but it's Mick Green's proto power pop guitar chords that give the number it's edge, his solo is tasty as well. With one listen to this track it's easy to see why bands like The Who took their inspiration from Kidd & Co.

Johnny Kidd and the boys on "Ready! Steady! Go!" 1963

The flip "Then I Got Everything" (written by Kidd and Mick Green) has some cool Green guitar work with a catchy riff and some brilliant chord chopping, but there's something about it that sounds almost too much like the A-side, regardless it's still half decent. Unfortunately for any American fans of Johnny Kidd and Co. there would be no more U.S. releases by the band, though he went on to record seven more singles in the U.K. for HMV before his tragic death in a car accident on October 7, 1966 on his way home from a gig.

Both sides are available on the indispensable EMI double CD collection "The Complete Jophnny Kidd & The Pirates" (which is available on Spotify). 

Hear "I'll Never Get Over You":

Hear "Then I Got Everything":

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