Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plugs For The Competition!

I read a lot of blogs and one of my faves has always been Monkey Picks from over across the pond run by Mark Raison. Mark and I were pen pals back in the mid 90's when we were two young Action enthusiasts doing D.I.Y fanzines.  Luckily Mark is still at it with his wonderful blog and last weekend he happened to be in Muswell Hill where who should he happen to interview but their favorite son Dave Davies at the Davie's brothers neighborhood pub, The Clissold Arms, which is still there.  You can catch the amazing conversation that ensued here.  And while you're at it have a peek at our gallery of Dave Davies Euro picture sleeves that some fool used to own and sold to pay off his massive debts from buying records and clothes.

1 comment:

Monkey said...

Thanks mate, that's really kind. Yeah, was something of a thrill to spend time in Dave's company. Really smashing bloke. Oh, for those sleeves! Argh!