Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June's Pics

1. THE MOOD OF HAMILTON-"Why Can't There Be More Love"
The world's gone fucking mad.  Well, it's always been fucking mad we're just being given more reminders of it than usual.  Anorak Thing brings you June's #1 pick: a public service message from the U.K. in 1967 that rings true today.


2. THE ROMANCERS-"She Took My Oldsmobile"
Thanks to my pal Tom Davis for turning me onto this one. It's a soulful frat rock tune by a group of East L.A. guys that's like a nice mix of The Sonics meet Don Gardener. I tried looking for a copy, the last one went on Discogs for $500......


3. THE MONKEES-"Birth Of An Accidental Hipster"
Props to Tom Davis again for hipping me to this Paul Weller/Noel Gallagher composition off of the new Monkees album. I'm never a fan of band reunions especially when it involves reconvening in the studio but I have to say this blew me away with plenty of 60's hooks and a bridge that sounds like Madness!


4. THE PRINCIPALS-"I Can't Stop"
The effects of the Who on Scandinavian music have been well documented here and to a lesser degree Australia.  New Zealand was no different as evidenced by this brilliant little power pop/pop art ditty that is full of Who-isms with loads of fuzzed out instruments and even some phlanging.


5. THE JAM-"Stoned Out Of My Mind"
The Jam went out with a bang with this double 45. It was bittersweet but interesting that three of the tracks on this E.P. were covers.  This one took ages to get my ignorant head around.  I actually like it now more than ever and I really think Weller did a commendable job pulling it off  by deferring the falsetto lead vocals of the original to his natural key.


6. THE GAYLADS-"Sounds Of Silence"
I'm always game for a good reggae cover of a hit (as long as it's not "Son Of A Preacher Man") and I stumbled upon this one a few weeks back and it's been in my head ever since. What I like about this one is it takes a bit before you pick up on what it is and the sax plays right into the rhythm. Perfect.


7. KEITH MEEHAN-"Hooker Street"
This is the stuff. This funky little obscure instrumental from the UK on Giogio Gomelsky's Marmalade label from 1968 sounds straight off of David Axelrod's "Songs Of Innocence" album. It's got jazzy bits, bursts of fuzz guitar, odd Gregorian chant style backing vocals, a wiggy Jon Lord style organ bit and blood curdling screams. Freaky shit, but incredible. I've know idea who Keith Meehan was but seeing as it was produced by Tony Meehan I would assume they are related.


8. NICK GARRIE-"The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas"
I have dug Nick Garrie's "Wheel Of Fortune" since it was unearthed in the early 90's on the first Strange Things Are Happening CD compilation "Circus Days" and had always meant to check out his cult status/rare as shit  LP "The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas". I was was in a local vinyl shop a few weeks back and heard his distinct voice and five minutes later the CD was mine for $4.99. Outside of "Wheel.." and this title track I was not terribly impressed, but this one is a gem that falls somewhere between Nick Drake and Bill Fay that demands investigation.


9. DEATH IN VEGAS & PAUL WELLER-"So You Say You Lost Your Baby"
An updated version of the Gene Clark classic that actually works with the sweeping strings of the original replaced (for a moment, the strings eventually come in) with some chiming/jangling/driving guitars.


10. THE CLAREDONIANS-"Rudie Bam Bam"
Boss ska/reggae sounds from '66. Nuff said.


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