Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rooster, Man

ATOMIC ROOSTER-Devil's Answer/The Rock  U.K. B&C CB-157 1971

Formed in 1970 the by two ex- member's of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown (organist Vincent Crane and drummer Carl Palmer), the group had one of the most rapidly changing line-ups in British 70's rock n' roll history!  The band's line-up at the time of this single (their third) was : John Du Cann (ex-Andromeda) on guitar/vocals, Vincent Crane (organ) and Carl Palmer (drums).

I discovered Atomic Rooster thanks to the amazing British TV show "Life On Mars" which made use of "Devil's Answer", "The Rock" and "Ear In The Snow".  I was hooked.

"Devil's Answer" is a punchy little number that kicks off with a very cool Hammond intro and then some brass.  The simplistic main riff is catchy because it's forceful, repetitive and has a great beat. Du Cann's guitar solo on it shines because it's short and sweet, not your typical 70's guitar hero crap and sounds straight off of a post freakbeat '68 single.  "The Rock" is a bit heavier. It's an instrumental pierced by Du Cann's guitar and strung together utilizing some soulful brass.

"Devil's Answer" on "Top Of The Pops" July 1971

Hear "The Rock":

Both sides have been collected on the essential Atomic Rooster double CD "Heavy Soul".
I like the way this one's been airbrushed, creepily it makes them look like religious icons!

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