Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ways And Means

THE WAYS AND MEANS-Breaking Up A Dream/She U.K. Trend TRE 1005 1968

Written by George Alexander of Grapefruit (see "Anorak Thing" November 4, 2010 AND September 8, 2010 entries)  ) and published by the Apple Records company, like many songs that were published by the Beatles company but not actually released on their label (joining the likes of brilliant singles by Legay, The Sands and even Fire's brilliant "Father's Name Was Dad").  "Breaking Up A Dream" was never cut by Grapefruit in the studio but they did perform it once in 1968 BBC session and it was given to the now forgotten Ways And Means for the fledgling (and short lived) Trend label.  The Ways And Means were a group that specialized in more of the "Californian" surf-sunshine pop/harmony sound and had previously released two singles, one on Columbia (that coupled The Beach Boy's "Little Duece Coupe" with Jan & Dean's "Little Old Lady From Pasendena") and another on Pye.  This would be their last.  Presumably they came into contact with George Alexander through his Grapefruit bandmates who'd previously been members of Tony River's backing group The Castaways (who had made a name for themselves by being Britians first "surf-harmony" beat group).

"Breaking Up A Dream" has an almost raga feel to the underlying melody of the track and even the guitar lick at one point reminds me of something The Cedars (a Lebanese band who cut 3 singles in the 60's for Decca that utilized a Middle Eastern feel) would've used .  It's thoroughly not something you'd expect for 1968 sounding alot like a milder freakbeat record from '65-'66 before things got "way out" but with some off kilter harmonies. "She" was reputedly written by Barry Class and like the A-side credits not the composer, but the music publisher in the song writing parentheses (Top Class/Sparta). I can't for the life of me recall what it sounded like!!

"Breaking up A Dream" has appeared on numerous un-legit comps but received it's first legit re-issue on RPM's CD comp "94 Baker Street:The Pop-Psych Sounds Of The Apple Era 1967-1969".

Hear "Breaking Up A Dream":

Hear their version of "Little Old Lady From Pasadena":


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