Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: Double Feature

DOUBLE FEATURE-Baby Get Your Head Screwed On/Come On Baby US Deram 45-DEM-85004 1967

Double Feature were a U.K. 60's Birmingham duo Brian Lake and Billy Hall who had a slim output of just two 45's on Deram (both of which were released in the US). Today's subject was their debut which was released here in the US in April 1967 (it's U.K. issue as Deram DM 115 came out the previous month).

"Baby Get Your Head Screwed On" was a Cat Steven's composition which first aired in March '67 on his debut LP "Matthew & Son". The Double Feature's version is far more "rocking".  It's blue eyed soul lead vocals are complimented by some distorted guitars, congas, brass, vibes, Hammond and strings . It's a perfect encapsulation of what you would expect from a 1967 Deram single (Deram were famed for big productions of no name artists) . Interestingly both versions shared the same producer (Mike Hurst, who signed Cat Stevens to Deram) and arranger/musical director (Alan Tew), but it's the Double Feature version that I always dig most as it's far more tougher and has a fuller sound than the original.

The B-side "Come On Baby" has a soulful lilt to it with it's Motown tempo and vibes and organ and some subtle horns. It's not as punchy as the A-side but is still a halfway decent track thanks to the horns and Hammond and the tandem lead vocals.

The A-side was revived ages ago on an excellent See For Miles CD compilation of Deram tracks called "Psychedalia" (that came with free flower seeds in the CD spine) in 1997. The B-side has yet to be comped.  Both are long overdue for an airing, though a bootleg 45 was issued a few years back with the typical large hole.  Original copies are rather expensive interestingly.

Hear "Baby Get Your Head Screwed On":


Hear "Come On Baby":

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