Monday, May 23, 2016

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Les Reed Orchestra

THE LES REED ORCHESTRA-Don't Linger With Your Finger On The Trigger/Big Drum US Deram 45-7525 1969

We discussed a previous American Les Reed 45 (released under the auspices of "The British Lion Orchestra") in an earlier entry that you can view here. Today's subject was issued in America April 1969 (issued in the U.K. as Deram DM 244 in March).

"Don't Linger With Your Finger On The Trigger" is a dreadful piece of dogshit cod country that's actually sung by Reed himself.  Awful stuff.

"Big Drum" is an all together different kettle of fish. It's a piece of uptempo kitsch with a Joe Meek sounding intro that kicks into a glorious cacophony of brass, reeds, twangy guitar (that smacks of Big Jim Sullivan) and everything but the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure. It's surprising it hasn't turned up on on of the Psychic Circle/Past & Present instrumental compilation CD's.

Hear "Big Drum":

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