Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cool Foreign E.P.'s Part 41: The Kinks In Tartan Trews

THE KINKS-Dandy/Rosie Won't You Please Come Home/Party Line/Fancy France Pye PNV 24177 1967


diskojoe said...

A nice EP of tracks from Face to Face, headlined by the "original" version of "Dandy", a cover of which was a big hit for Herman's Hermits.

I'm currently reading the new bio of the Kinks by Nick Halstead & although the basic facts are familiar to me, being a fan of 30+ years, there are some new wrinkles, i.e., the circumstances of Pete Qualife's leaving the band.

Supermod said...

Ah yes! We have this one framed and hanging above our front door!

A great cover to a great EP!