Saturday, November 19, 2011

From Sweden: The Mascots

THE MASCOTS-Words Enough To Tell You/Walking With My Angel Sweden Decca F 44508 1966

The Mascots are one of my favorite 60's Swedish bands after, of course, The Tages.  There are best known for their melodic/harmony beat ballad "Words Enough To Tell You" which first came to the attention of the faithful through the 80's compilation album of 60's Swedish tracks "Searching For Shakes" and doubtless a new generation of fans through it's inclusion on the "Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond, 1964–1969" CD box set.

"Words Enough To Tell You" is a perfect balancing of the "beat ballad" style yet not too corny or weak with nods to both The Zombies and The Hollies at their best!  The bands powerful harmony style crossed with the Poets/Zombies-like amplified acoustic 12 string is truly infectious. "Walking With My Angel", written by Goffin/King, was originally cut by Bobby Vee though I'm certain the band copped it from Herman's Hermits.  The arrangement is certainly similar, needless to say no matter who's doing it it's a pretty weak tune.

Pic courtesy of Jon Burchard

There needs to be a good Mascots CD, their double LP/CD "1964-1968" is out of print (it is available for download from to UK buyers only though). As mentioned earlier you can snag the A-side on "Nuggets II" and the CD reissue of "Searching For Shakes" but that's about it!

Hear "Words Enough To Tell You":

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