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More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Lovin'

THE LOVIN'-All You've Got/Do It Again U.S. Fontana F-1606 1967

Here's another weird one, the last of two 45's by a U.K. freakbeat group called The Lovin' before the underwent a name change and a musical makeover and became The Nerve. Like The Loot, they were managed and discovered by Larry Page AND had some minor Troggs connections. Page signed them to Page One where they released two 45's (see

This one was issued in the U.K. as Page One POF041 in October 1967. I am assuming that the Larry Page/Troggs connection got them a release in the States on the Troggs U.S. label Fontana, odd considering there were U.S. Page One singles, though perhaps the U.S. branch of Page One was not launched at this point in time as most U.S. Page One releases are from 1968. Then again all The Troggs U.S. records from this time were on Fontana too, go figure!

"All You've Got" is perfect freakbeat.  It begins with slightly out of tune, jangling, distorted guitar with a heavy beat and a chunky/heaviness to it all behind a fey, weary sounding lead vocalist with trademark high backing vocals (ala Who/Creation). "Do It Again" is heavier, with the same hard edged, plodding, primitive Troggs style beat behind a wall of distortion and the oft mentioned high vocals.  Both sides perfectly encapsulate the freakbeat sound before psychedelia came and wiped "guitar bands" out of vogue.  The band were soon out of the "freakbeat" genre and with help from Reg Presley of the Troggs became the pop outfit The Nerve, but that's another record for another entry!

"All You've Got" appeared on Bam Caruso's "Rubble 16 Glass Orchid Aftermath"  LP/CD  and "Keep on Believing" was on the "Circus Days Volume 3" CD/LP.

Hear "All You've Got":

Hear "Do It Again":

I'd like to extend a hearty thanks to Ellis Kingston's "Shindig!" Issue 20 Lovin'/Nerve article, from which some information for this piece was culled!

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