Friday, May 15, 2020

More Obscure U.K. 45's On U.S. Labels: Duffy Power As Jamie Power Pt. II

JAMIE POWER-She Don't Know/Love's Gonna Go US Jamie 1299 1965

The late great British blues legend Duffy Power had two singles released in the US as "Jamie Power", we previously explored his second release under this strange moniker a few years back, today we will be profiling his first U.S. release.

Duffy Power has always intrigued me. He gained his moniker from Larry Parnes, the Svengali/impresario who personally named all of his charges (Like Georgie Fame, Billy Fury etc). and began life as a crooner of sorts before getting switched on to the blues and revamping his repertoire with a solo r&b tune and then cutting a Beatles cover whilst being backed by the legendary Graham Bond Organization among other sides. Enter the British Invasion and American labels were hungry for everything the U.K. had to offer.  The Veep label had already issued a Duffy Power 45 of "Where Am I/I Don't Care"  in November 1964 and his next was issued on June of '65 on the Jamie label where his name had curiously been altered to "Jamie Power" on the label. Even more curious is the fact that neither side of this 45 saw a U.K. release!

The A-side "She Don't Know" is a hard edged mid tempo r&b tune with some strong belting from Power and a musical backing that falls somewhere between The Soul Agents and The Pretty Things.

The B-side "Love's Gonna Go" is a bluesy ballad that would not sound at all out of place on a Paul Jone's era Manfred Mann LP with some mean harp blowing alongside Duffy's powerful pipes.  His follow up on the label (also using the Jamie Power name) is chronicled here.

Duffy with a jazz cigarette.

Both sides have been collected on the amazing double CD on RPM chronicling Duffy's 60's r&b output "Leapers And Sleepers", a must for any fans of mod/jazzy British 60's r&b.

Hear "She Don't Know":

Hear "Love's Gonna Go":

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