Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Deram 60's U.K. Soul/Pop

DOUBLE FEATURE-Handbags And Glad Rags/Just Another Lonely Night U.K. Deram DM 165 1967
Doubtless you're all familiar with Chris Farlowe's warbly U.K. semi hit of "Handbags And Glad Rags", or Rod Stewart's, or the "new" version that served as the theme to the U.K. edition of "The Office" TV program. But have you heard the version by Double Feature? A U.K. 60's mod/soul duo?
Previously the duo had been launched with Deram DM 115 where they performed a stunningly soulful version of Cat Steven's "Baby Get Your Head Screwed On" that fused blue eyed soul/r&b with freakbeat.

This time around they tackled Manfred Mann singer Mike D'Abo's poignant stormer "Handbags And Glad Rags" as Side A. It combines a tinny pub piano tinkling and these sawing cellos with a heavily soulful vocal delivery that all versions I've encountered seem to lack.
Flip it over and you've got "Just Another Lonely Night" a classic slice of British 60's soul pop if ever there was such a genre. It's stocked with the full on Deram treatment:horns, strings, vibes, funky breaks and magic production. In fact I daresay I like it more than the flip with it's "call and response" chirpy vocals and nifty little melody that's as jaunty as so many other cheeky late 60's British pop records recorded with big budgets for relatively obscure artists. Obviously as in the case of 99% of the Deram records I rave about here on "Anorak Thing" it failed to become a success or make the band in question a household name. Who they were and what became of them I do not profess to know. Anyone want to fill in the gaps?

Hear "Handbags And Glad Rags":

Hear "Just Another Lonely Night":


Mr. Lee said...

Thanks, Bill... Never heard this cut as far as I can recall. Has it been comped anywhere? I need it!

Wilthomer said...

Lee, it has not but I'm working on locating my CD-R of the 45, I shall keep you posted!