Sunday, December 20, 2009

Foreign E.P.'s Part Two

THE EQUALS-Yugoslavian E.P. (I Won't Be There/Fire/Baby Come Closer/Baby Come Back/Hold Me Closer) Produkcija Gramofoskin Ploca EP 53259 Pr 1967

The Equals kicked ass, anybody not familiar with this amazing multi-racial U.K. 60's band needs to stop what they're doing and go order one of their CD's NOW! Known chiefly for the strength of their 1967 hit "Baby Come Back" and for being Eddie "Electric Avenue" Grant's first band, they chalked up a number of cool 45's/LP's from 1966-1970. Before Eddie dyed his fro yellow and the band got kitted out in clown costumes they were mod as hell as you can see above. Undeniably rhythmic, you can't hear their soulful numbers without at least tapping your feet!

Evidently "Baby Come Back" was a big enough hit to get released in Yugoslavia of all places on this nifty looking little E.P. that sports a photo presumably from the same shoot that provided the cover shot for their amazing debut LP "Unequaled Equals". They chose the band's first U.K. 45 (A and B side), the storming "I Won't Be There" and it's equally amazing but less common on compilation CD's "Fire" to round off side one. Side two was filled out by the "hit" the proto-rocksteady "Baby Come Back" and it's brass driven flipside "Hold Me Closer" (which utilizes almost the same riff as "Baby..").

(Below) The Equals live on German TV's "Beat Beat Beat" 1967 doing side two of this E.P. and two other cuts:

(Below)And lip syncing "I Won't Be There" on German TV's "Beat Club" 2/25/67:

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