Monday, June 14, 2010

Unsung Heroes of the 60's Part One: Graham Gouldman

Graham Gouldman never got his fair shake in the Sixties as far as I'm concerned.  Manchester's tunesmnith cut 1 single with his band The Whirlwinds in 1964, 5 singles on three different labels with his band The Mockingbirds in 1965-1966 and  two solo singles (one in '66 and another in '68).  None of them were hits.  Sad?  Tragic?  Yes because he'd of course graced the U.K.  #1 slot several times when folks had hits with his songs (The Yardbird's version of "For Your Love" and The Hollie's "Bus Stop" to name a few). From the pen of Graham Gouldman:

The Downliner's Sect-The Cost Of  Living
The Ace Kefford Stand-For Your Love
Herman's Hermits-Upstairs, Downstairs
                           -No Milk Today
                           -The London Look
                           -East West
                           -Oo She's Done It Again
                           -It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning
Sarah Jane-Listen People
Toni Basil-I'm 28
Normie Rowe-Going Home
The Hollies-Look Through Any Window
                  -Bus Stop
                  -School Girl (Unreleased)
The Mindbenders-School Girl
                           -Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man
Wayne Fontana-Pamela Pamela
                           -The Impossible Years
Jeff Beck-Tallyman
The Yardbirds-For Your Love
                      -Heart Full Of Soul
                      -Evil Hearted You
                       -You Stole My Love (Unreleased)
The St. Louis Union-Behind The Door
The Mockingbirds-I Never Should Have Kissed You
                            -That's How It's Gonna Stay
                            -I Can Feel We're Parting
                            -You Stole My Love
                            -Skit Skat
The Chords Five-Some People
Dave Berry-I'm Gonna Take You There

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myeck said...


Just found your blog a few days ago and have been happily bashing through it in my spare time. Sorry that I'm commenting so long after this was posted, but I was kinda surprised you wrote a nice piece on Graham Gouldman but didn't mention that he was a major part of the band 10cc.

The Yardbirds' "For Your Love", by the way, was THE ONE - the song that grabbed my pre-teen ears and made me start paying attention to that music stuff my older sibs were bringing home.