Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ian & The Zodiacs

IAN & THE ZODIACS-Why Can't It Be Me/ Leave It To Me U.S. Phillips 40343 1966

Like our hero's The Remo Four, Ian and The Zodiacs were one of those Liverpool bands who were virtually unnoticed "back home" and packed off to Germany where they worked for nearly three years achieving a modicum of stardom and success over there.

This 45 was criminally unissued in the U.K. and came out in Germany on Star Club and Phillips in the U.S.  It's easily one of my most favorite records by a 60's Liverpool band.  It's got a cool underlying riff beneath it all and some powerful vocals from lead singer Ian Edwards. The track reminds me, musically, of a mid 60's Roy Orbison number with some a "mod" feel to it.  "Leave It To Me" is more of a ballad thing with an acoustic guitar and harmonies, reminds me of Peter and Gordon or Chad & Jeremy, not bad but pales with that rocking A-side!

Ian & The Zodiacs perform "Why Can't It Be Me" live on German TV's "Beat Club" 1966

"Why Can't It Be Me" was on the Dig The Fuzz compilation LP "Clap Hands Daddy Come Home" and both sides of the 45 were featured as  bonus tracks on the CD reissue on one of their Star Club LP "Just Listen To.." on Repertoire,
The band's lead singer Ian Edwards sadly passed away in October 2007.


Boursin said...

"Leave It To Me" was a Band of Angels cover - I'm sure you know their version. Not as good as I & The Z's other big ballad B side "Where Were You" (B side of "No Money, No Honey").

Paul Messis said...

I have this 45 too... I spent ages trying to find it, despite it's ease to find.

You should check out some of my music Wil, I think you'll dig it, check out expo 67's blog and Youtube to hear my sounds!!

cheers Px