Thursday, October 20, 2011

Manfred Mann's Swedish Only 45

MANFRED MANN-You're My Girl/Box Office Draw Sweden Fontana 267.906 TF 1968

One of the grooviest things about being a former record collecting nerd is that rare moment where you discover a song you've never heard before by a band you've owned tons of records by that is only available on an off the wall foreign pressing. Case in point, today's item, a Manfred Mann 45 with an A-side only issued in Sweden (the cut appeared in their 1966 Fontana LP "As Is", their first with Mike D'Abo as their lead singer).

"You're My Girl" is a wiggy track for Manfred Mann.  It has a disjointed rhythm with some guitar bashing away chords while vibes play along with a bizarre effect that almost makes them sound like the recording is under water.  I think that's what grabbed me immediately when I first heard the track on a CD-R bootleg compilation many years back.  "Box Office Draw" utilizes the same guitar effects as the band used on "Just Like A Woman" and relys on the pop precision backing vocals and the lead vocals of Mike D'Abo, in fact the melody and pace  seems a bit similar to "Just Like A Woman's" flip "I Wanna Be Rich" in parts!

"Box Office Draw" can be found on the U.K. CD "The Very Best Of The Fontana Years" while both cuts can be found on the CD reissue of their "As Is" LP.

Hear "You're My Girl" :

Hear "Box Office Draw":

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