Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Page One Perfection: The Lovin'

THE LOVIN'-Keep On Believing/I'm In Command U.K. Page One POF 035 1967

The Lovin' were your archetype British 60's freakbeat band. They made just two singles for Larry Page's Page One label, but what a great two singles they were.

Formerly known as The Children the band were snatched up by Page who, in the spirit of '67, renamed them The Lovin'. They were: Stuart Moore (lead vocals), Rob Duffy (vocals/rhythm guitar), Steve Taylor (vocals/lead guitar), Ian Day (bass) and Mike Jackson (drums).

"Keep On Believing" was penned by the songwriting duo of Dwyer/Price (who'd penned The Loot's,  another Larry Page act's, debut 45 "Baby Come Closer" see


It's not as hard edged as the other three tracks cut by The Lovin' but it's still quite good reminding me a bit of The Creation thanks to their utilization of very high pitched backing vocals and distorted guitar chugging along.  The flip side, "I'm In Command", is far superior in my book, with it's slightly overblown melodic main lick (it sounds like they cranked the amp up to "11") and some great power poppy vocals.  It's a perfect slice of when beat group sounds met the harder/wiggier edge of freakbeat.

"Keep On Believing" was reissued on Bam Caruso's "Rubble Volume 16: Glass Orchid Aftermath" but criminally "I'm In Command" has not been reissued.  It has been covered live by New Jersey's power pop trio The Insomniacs, brought to their attention by yours truly (see a brief clip of them performing it below).

I'd like to extend a hearty thanks to Ellis Kingston's "Shindig!" Issue 20 Lovin'/Nerve article, from which some information for this piece was culled!

Hear "Keep On Believing":


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