Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels: The Mohawks Part One

THE MOHAWKS-Baby Hold On Part One/Baby Hold On Part Two U.S. Cotillion 45-44037 1969

More Hammond B-3 goodness from this Alan Hawkshaw studio only vehicle, this time from the U.S.A on the Cotillion label ,as far as I know this and the issue of "Champ" (Cotillion 45-44002, more on that one soon) were their only releases on the label.

Had this been the 80's "Baby Hold On, Part One and Part Two" would've been edits from a 12" extended dance mix.  Both tracks are typical brass and organ workouts with some backing studio female voices adding a chorus and singing the title repeatedly.  I like "Part Two" better because the organ really cuts into some seriously groovy trills which is really the only reason you'd own a Mohawks 45 in my estimation!

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"Baby Hold On" was issued on the legit Vampisoul CD reissue of The Mohawks insanely collectible LP "The Champ" but not in form of this single (ie "Parts One And Two").

Hear "Baby Hold On Part One":

Hear "Baby Hold On Part Two (edited)":

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