Monday, March 28, 2011

From South Africa: The Bats

THE BATS-Listen To My Heart/You Look Good Together U.S. Parrott 45-40013 1967

Here's an interesting little record by a South African band who came to the U.K. in '66 and cut three singles for Decca there in '66-'67.  This U.S. release on Parrot combines two different tracks from two of their U.K. releases : Decca F 22534 "Listen To My Heart" b/w "Stop Don't Do It" and Decca F 22586 ""You Look Good Together" b/w "You Will Now, Won't You?".

For some odd reason "Listen To My Heart" reputedly garnered some interest on the Northern soul scene, whether this was in the 70's or the 90's when Decca slapped it on their "Northern Soul Scene" CD I'm not sure, but it couldn't be too in demand because back in the 90's there were copies of this Parrot issue everywhere in the States and I think every mod I knew and every DJ I knew owned a copy!! 

"Listen To My Heart" is cheeky/cheery friendly late 60's sort of pop, not really a specific type of track like psych or purely "pop" but has that "good timey" genre defying feel to it that most of those late 60's U.K. "studio" bands had.  Not bad, no clue how this has any "soul" appeal.  "You Look Good Together" is my fave of the two, for many reasons if only the ridiculous backing chorus that sings "shing-a-ding-di-ee-i-ooo", try and sing that fast!  It has a great melody and some nice heavy bass and precise harmonies that wrap it all up, I'm surprised it hasn't been comped anywhere yet!

"Listen To My Heart" has been reissued on Decca/Deram's "The Northern Soul Scene" CD and Psychic Circle's "Fairytales Can Come True Volume Two: Fairy Cakes For Tea". 

Hear "Listen To My Heart":

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