Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deram Mod/Freakbeat Greatness: The Truth

THE TRUTH-Jingle Jangle/Hey Gyp U.S. Deram 45-7503 1967
For a little bit of an into into the mod 60's U.K. duo The Truth pop on over to:

This was the band's fifth single.  After four singles on Pye the band moved onto Decca's off shoot Deram for this release (then oddly moving to Decca for the next and last two) along with fellow stable mate David Bowie who'd also been dropped by Pye and snagged by Deram (both acts were, at the time, being looked after by Kenneth Pitt).  As you can see it gathered a release here in the States as well on the odd colored orange swirl label (also utilized by Parrot and Press).  The A-side is a version of The Troggs tune, it's not bad, but it's not really that great a song to begin with no matter who's doing it.  The B-side is where things cook.  The band tear through Donovan's "Hey Gyp" with frantic abandon, doubling it in speed from the original or the subsequent version cut by Eric Burdon and the Animals.  The core of this number's brilliance lay in the subltle horn section, swirling organ and wailing guitar buried beneath the duo's soulful vocals.
Courtesy of marmaladeskies.co.uk
Sadly other than Acme's "Wild N' Ravin' 2" 45 rpm box set of Decca/Deram freakbeat classics (which included both sides of this single) there has been very little reissue action for either of these tracks. "Hey Gyp" appeared many years ago on a long gone CD compilation called "Maximum Freakbeat".

Hear "Hey Gyp":

Hear "Jingle Jangle":


Smashingbird said...

Flippin' awesome song!

EXPO67 said...

Kenneth Pitt produced The Mark Leeman 5 but was mainly a Manager of several English groups.

mndandy said...

Jingle Jangle is easily one of my favorite Troggs tracks; you need to come 'round to my way of thinking boyo!