Friday, June 17, 2011

U.S. Only U.K. Pop Sike Pressings Part III

THE MOVE-Yellow Rainbow/Something U.S. A&M 966 1968

Today's item in question is an interesting U.S. only pressing of a Move single that was not released anywhere else!  On side A we have "Yellow Rainbow" a track from the band's untitled debut LP (which wasn't even released in the U.S.) coupled with a track called "Something". Interestingly this single is listed as having been released in August of 1968.  "Something" would not appear anywhere else until November 1968 on the flip side of "Blackberry Way" (U.K. Regal Zonphone RZ 3015).  Even stranger is that A&M would re-use "Something" as the flip for their next U.S. Move single "Blackberry Way" in January 1969 (A&M 1020)!

The post Ace Kefford '68 vintage Move

"Yellow Rainbow" is a quirky slice of brilliance from Roy Wood, a man who never imbibed in psychedelics but wrote the most way out tunes. Lyrically it has a post-apocalypse feel with some great thundering/heavy bass licks from Ace Kefford (who would be out of the band around the time the track made it's appearance on the band's debut LP) and the lead vocals are handled by rhythm guitarist Trevor Burton (with Roy Wood singing the bridge). As always the band's four part harmonies are spot on and drummer Bev Bevan plays some incredible bits!  "Something" is one of those tracks that lead Trevor Burton to leave because he felt the Move were (quite rightly so) turning into a "cabaret act" in 1969.  It was penned by lead singer Carl Wayne's friend David Morgan and is pure crooner crap, something the late Carl Wayne, was sadly, very much into in the late 60's.

Hear "Yellow Rainbow":

Hear "Something":


tokenrecords said...

It was released in Australia on Festival FK 2560

tokenrecords said...

It was released in Australia on Festival FK 2560 in 1968

tokenrecords said...

Also This is Ace Kefford's lead vocal; and is the only record on which he sang lead !