Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Motions Freakbeat Mod Opus

THE MOTIONS-Everything That's Mine/There's No Place To Hide Holland Havoc SH114 1966

I've been writing about one of my fave 60's bands from the Continent a lot lately, Hollands excellent group The Motions who cut some amazing records in '65-'66.  This was my fave 45 by them.  I sold my copy to a lovely fella named Jim Boulaware at the very first Mod Chicago back in 2002 without scanning the sleeve so I had to borrow it from the inner packaging of one of the CD's from the "Nuggets II" box set.

Recorded in Great Britain "Everything That's Mine" is The Motions at their finest and captures them absorbing what was musically going down in the U.K in early 1966 (the single was released in April 1966).
We're talking freakbeat kids.  "Everything That's Mine" has it all: crashing drums, zooming bass runs, distorted fuzzed out guitars, feedback, it's got everything but a stuttering lead vocalist.  Like The Tage's "The Man You'll Be Looking For" or The Lee King's "On My Way" it shows that The Who had a massive influence on what was going on in Europe.  Sheer brilliance.  The flipside is the complete opposite.  It's not bad at all actually, it's a ballad and is a precursor to their next single (discussing in an earlier entry):

"What do you mean there's a fine for using the same location as a Who
photo shoot?"

Both sides were collected on an essential Pseudonym Records CD collection that compiles their first two albums and singles in between. "Everything That's Mine" was also contained on the excellent "Nuggets II" box set

Hear "Everything That's Mine":

Hear "There's No Place To Hide":


EXPO67 said...

There's a copy of this in the pic cover on Ebay at the moment. Starting price $25.

Although I've sold some vinyl LPs in the past I made a decision long ago NEVER to sell any of my 45s. They're my babies and I've got such a photographic memory when it comes to remembering where I bought them from.

Wilthomer said...

And like a bad parent I can remember who I sold all mine too.....

Blue Shed Thinking said...

I have my dear dear friend Michel Terstegen for introducing me to Nederbiet in the early 80's. Brings back many happy memories of visits over the hyears.

Wilthomer said...

Was Michel in 80's band The Otherside? If so I met him in Las Vegas many years ago and was informed by many that he is my Dutch doppleganger!

Smashingbird said...

Love this one, I used to have this copy too.