Wednesday, June 1, 2011


THE CHECKMATES-Gamma Goochie/It Ain't Right U.K. Parlophone R 5402 1966

Here's a wiggy one. This was the last 45 by The Checkmates.  I am not entirely sure if this was the same band as Emile Ford & the Checkmates who recorded for Piccadilly and who later cut a few singles on Decca as The Checkmates, but I'm assuming it is.

January 1966's "Gamma Goochie" is pretty much a note for note cover (right down to the fake audience racket during the tracks spoken word introduction) of the American frat-rock 45 by The Gamma Goochee Himself (U.S. Colpix  CP 786 where it was backed with a cut The Monkees would later record for their debut LP "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog"), it was also covered in the U.K. by The Tribe for the legendary Planet label (PLF 108) in March 1966.  It's amusing but not entirely my cup of tea, as frat rock never really grabbed me but still not without it's charm due to it's raw delivery.  The flip side is where I'm at.  "It Ain't Right" is a rocking British r&b stormer in that tried and true formula that those early Animals singles had with some frantic vocals, maraca shaking, light combo organ and an incessant guitar lick throughout the number. The strong point is the ultra soulful vocals, which are a big plus!

"It Ain't Right" was finally unearthed for the CD "That Driving Beat Volume Four", but the "A" side has so far eluded compilers.

Hear "It Ain't Right":

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