Wednesday, August 11, 2010

80's Flashback

The 80's (for me) were all about:
The Prisoners, Foster's Lager, The Jetset, red socks, Washington Square Park, The Jam, mod band badges, XTC, "Smashed Blocked" (fanzine), silk ascots, wide belts, The Action "The Ultimate Action", hard work, Long Island Iced Teas, The Saint (TV show), The Milkshakes, London, Mod Fun, red jeans, The Dive, The Crooks, turtlenecks,Venus Records, Beatle boots, The Corner Tavern, Ankhs, Paisley shirts, The Scene (U.K. band), Poppolinis, Lee twill trousers, The Direct Hits, The Bike Club, death, The Dentists, incense, The Blackout Cafe, LSD, The Artwoods "100 Oxford Street", The Rutles, The Phantom Five, scooters, Mona's, The Times, DC Space, The Secret Service, Greasy Tony's, Nehru jackets, The Optic Nerve, 99X, Billy's Irish Pub, The Lambrettas, Bat Man, bullseyes, Trivial Pursuit, Godzilla, BB guns, cardigan sweaters, Secret Affair, croque monsieurs, Alicia G., striped winter scarves, German army parkas, sterling silver ID braclets,

The Television Personalities, Harrisburg PA, The Vipers, boredom, Ron Rimsite, Vox AC 30,Madness, City Gardens, Midnight Records, The Trebles, 2-tone Jam shoes, Manic Panic, polka dotted shirts, Biff Bang Pow, Theater 80, Go Go Gail, Sta-Prest, The Tea Club, "Incognito" (fanzine), The Professionals, Kangol berets, SCTV, lava lamps, The Purple Hearts, Danceteria, love beads, Lord John, The Empire State Soul Club, The Merton Parkas, can hunter, NYC, The Fleshtones, pen pals, Motown, The Mynd's Eye, Syd Barrett, The Court Tavern, Vespa P200E, The Skids, eyeliner, Youngs Ram Rod stout in two liter plastic bottles, The Princeton Record Exchange, crime, The Americana Diner, The Event, Red White & Blue (thrift store), Barry's tea, Cafe Reggio, Asbury Park, Midnight Records, Mike Sin, The Vapors, video game arcades, tortellini carbonara, Canal Jeans, The Cybermen (US), Truimph Tr-7, vodka and lime, Kent soul compilations, U.F.O., pea coats, The Salvation Army (band), The Englishtown Auction,  The Aardvarks,  The Grogans,

Umbrellas, The Prisoner, The Eyes "Blink", Bomp/Voxx, The Wylde Mammoths, The Beat N' Path, parkas, the Holland Tunnel, Scott "Rudie" Rosinski, Squire, hounds tooth check trousers, white socks, Bolla Soave, black lights, "Opal" (fanzine), Dexy's Midnight Runners, Rickenbackers, Bam Caruso records, The Teenbeats,"Quadrophenia", The Three O'Clock, Traffaut films, Modest Proposal, J August, Pernod, Captain Video, The Grip Weeds,  The Strip @ McCarthy's, tinted rectangle glasses, The Truth, sex, ugly Fred Perry's from TJ Max, Generation X (later Gen X), deerstalker hats, The Pall Bearers, S.H.A.R.P., Georgie Fame "20 Beat Classics", WPRB 103.3, The Funseekers, The Mod Art Studio, The Funhouse, The Untouchables, Nightbirds, The Headless Horsemen, The Southern Funk Cafe, black trench coats, Cheap Thrills, Guitar Trader, The Avengers, Clark's Desert boots, Maxwell's, shopping cart rodeo, Watney's Red Barrel, The Nashville Ramblers, "Ready Steady Go" on VHS, Cryptovision Records, "Whaaam" (fanzine), Prince of Wales check trousers, Gene Merideth, The Mood Six, BBQ, The Ravens, Bleeker Bob's, The Crawdaddys, The Wojciechowskis, St. Mark's Place, The Lyres, Sophies, Suburban Transit, The Boys From Nowhere, 14th Street (NYC), The Otherside, Mike Patterson,

 The Philadelphia Record Exchange, Trash & Vaudeville, skinhead aggro, Manual Scan, St. Mark's Books, backcombing, The Daggermen, Neither Nor, Highway Music, The Birds "These Birds Are Dangerous", De Robertis bakery, The Green Telescope, James Grapes artwork, The Antique Boutique, The Brass Rail, Irving Plaza,  Secret Syde, Christine Wideman, The Funhouse, "Mod Mondays" (radio show), Dawn Eden, Beakys, Old Bay, Wayne Scooters, "Mod Scene" (fanzine), The Ruts, French crew cuts, heartbreak, See For Miles Records, Bad Manners, 42nd Street, ska, caffeine pills, Plasticland, Ted Essex, Art Pop Records, "Purple Flashes" (fanzine), "Absolute Beginners", day glow socks, Dr. & The Medics (pre-IRS records), Great Jones Street, WHTG, Jack's Music, The Chords, 42nd St. Port Authority Bus Terminal, "My Generation" (EMI compilation LP), The Cool Italians,

bespoke trousers from Harry Ballot & Sons Ltd., Levi's white jeans, The Specials, narrow ties, White Rose, The Mighty Caesars, Plymouth Satellites, The St. John's Alliance, the Staten Island Ferry, Double Diamond ale, The Lime Spiders, "99th Floor" (fanzine), The Dukes of Stratosphear, Pier Platters, Vodka Collins, the PATH train, Downtown Beirut (bar), The Oxford Cavern, Dodge Darts, The James Taylor Quartet, "Blow Up", The (English) Beat, The Alchemist & Barrister, Backwards Glances, Elizabeth Waters, The Pretty Things "Closed Restaurant Blues", The See Hear, Cajun popcorn, Makin' Time, commando sweaters, Cave Stomp (the original ones at the Dive), The Spongetones, "Top Gear" (fanzine), strobe lights, Dia Farber, "A Splash of Colour", Tiny Lights, Bart Cross Tierney, The Bodysnatchers, band names on the back of parkas, Edsel Records, Movie City 5, The Cellar Dwellers,  The Barracudas, Chevy Metros, Wendy Horowitz, Vox guitars,

"Whatever happened to those days when not to act your age was the craze..."

- from "The Party" by The Times (Ed Ball Artpop Records)


JamesChanceOfficial said...

Nice list...sigh.

diskojoe said...

As the 21st Century cliche goes, IMHO, "Help You Ann" by the Lyres is the best song of the 80s.