Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mondo Obscure U.K. 60's Mod-Jazz/R&B

THE WES MINSTER FIVE-Shakin' The Blues/Railroad Blues U.K. Carnival CV 7017 1964
Here's a mighty obscure one kids.  This is a mod/jazz/r&b U.K. 60's act who recorded three singles for the tiny U.K. indie label Carnival (the first of which they were the backing band on a 45 shared with a female vocalist named Maynell Wilson). I can't tell you a thing about this band other than that but they embody that cool mid 60's U.K. r&b sound that Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames were doing with a dash of slightly ska rhythm (as heard on their single with Maynell Wilson).  According to Vernon Joynson's "Tapestry of Delights" the band were: Clive Burrows (sax), Dave Greenslade (keyboards), Brian Smith (aka "Wes Minster"-guitar), Tony Reeves (bass), Paul Williams (vocals) and Jon Hiseman (drums) and operated on the London club scene in 1963-64.

"Shakin' The Blues" has more of a rock n' roll feel , just basically a workout instrumental based around a repetitious saxophone lick with bass,guitars, drums and combo organ backing.  It's nothing special but it is interesting nonetheless for historical reference. I prefer the flip side, "Railroad Blues", it's more uptempo and the sax and organ pump out this infectious riff that's another classic example of jazzy early/mid 60's British rhythm and blues.

Neither track has seen a reissue as far as I am aware.

Hear "Shakin' The Blues": (though the person who uploaded it has incorrectly titled it with another Wes Minster Five release)

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