Saturday, July 2, 2011

More U.K. Obscurities On U.S. Labels:Me And Them

ME AND THEM-Show Me You Mean It Too/Everything I Do Is Wrong U.S. U.S. Songs U.S. 601 1964

Here's another of those oddball non-hit on the home front U.K. acts who got a record released here, I give you an r&b/beat group called Me And Them.  They cut three singles for Pye in the U.K. (this one was their second of the three and was issued there as Pye 7N15631 in April 1964).

"Show Me You Mean It Too" is one of those rare numbers that comfortably straddles beat music with r&b, it's rocking enough to be like the Mojo's "Everything's Alright" yet I could easily imagine Manfred Mann doing it too.  "Everything I Do Is Wrong" is a Charlie Rich number.  The Silver Fox was quite big in Britain (I can think of at least 4 or 5  U.K. 60's versions of "Lonely Weekends") and sometimes his numbers translated well, and sometimes they didn't, this time it did.  In fact it pretty much sticks to his arrangement.

"Show Me You Mean It To You" popped up way back when on a Sequel CD compilation called "A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues", which is no doubt unavailable as it was nearly...egads..20 years ago!

Hear "Show Me You Mean It To":

Hear "Everything I Do Is Wrong":


Smashingbird said...

Cooool, never heard of these.

Wilthomer said...

I'll chuck it on your next 45 mix CD!